Old School 70's, 80's, & 90's Porno!

A Climax of Blue Power - Gritty and moody dramatic sleaze.

A Dirty Western - Really is a "Ditry Western"

Affairs of Janice - Horror/art/drama porn with brutal fisting and cheezy effects.

Anyone But My Husband - Soid adult comedy film.

Breaking Point - A look into insanity through odd sex scenes.

Cafe Flesh - Weird Post-Apocalyptic 80's Art Porn?!

China De Sade - review coming soon

Debauchers, The - Really retarded...

Defiance of Good - An epic of kink starring one sweet looking blonde.

Devil in Miss Jones - review coming soon

Devil Inside Her - Yep, it's Evil Satanic Porno!

Dr. Bizzaro - review coming soon

Erotic Dr. Jekyll - CRAP! Just crap.

Expensive Taste - Hot porno with a twisted set-up

Farmer's Daughter - Pretty mean stuff

Femmes De Sade - review coming soon

Forced Entry - Fucked-up Nam Vet turned Serial Killer/Rapist Porn!

Hardgore - Not that goy or sexy, but just plain weird!

Her Name was Lisa - review coming soon

Hot Summer in the City - Mediocre Blaxploitation film really.

Little Orphan Dusty - Lesbian biker fisting scene? yippy!

Long Jeanne Silver - review coming soon

Midnight Heat - review coming soon

New Wave Hookers - review coming soon

Oriental Techniques in Pain and Pleasure - review coming soon

Sexorcist Devil - Horrific, but not in the way it intended.

Sex Psycho - Extreme gore and homosexual loving???

Sex Wish - Zebedy Colt at his most insane!

Story of Joanna - review coming soon

The Taking of Christina - A drama revolving around a kidnapping and rape.

Taming of Rebecca - Loaded with abuse, perversions, and a hot secretary.

Through the Looking Glass - Creepy and Artsy stuff.

Ultra Flesh - The Goddess Seka and goofy aliens, nuff said.

Unwilling Lovers - Stars a Necrophiliac Retard!

Waterpower - Serial rapists, enemas, pure comedy?

Wet Wilderness - review coming soon

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