The Debauchers (1970)

Very RETARDED movie. A girl and her boyfriend are desperate for money cause they'll get married. The girl finds a job as an actress in some experimental film. Turns out the experimental film is just an excuse for a rich guy to film women naked and having sex in his mansion. This rich guy screams like an idiot and rants about how he's an artist. When the girl feels violated after one incident where rich guy films her naked, she calls her boyfriend to come over and pick her up. The rich guy manipulates the boyfriend though by giving him money to rape his girlfriend for the film. The one "rape" wasn't tense and was supposed to be "twisted" just cause some other couple was having sex in the room with them. Pretty weak, I fast forwarded through that part. Later the movie becomes a horror movie with how there's a plot to kill the girl, which is RETARDED! It doesn't make sense how fast people change. The dumbest scene ever in the movie is with this super lame old guy suddenly falling in the love with the girl and having sex with her as he warns her about her life in danger. Huh? Throughout the entire movie, there's one stabbing and then it's the end. This film will be appreciated only by bottom-of-the-barrel, ultra-cheap, horribly executed exploitation film fans. The only strengths of this movie is how RETARDED and CRUDDY it all is. Porn fans will be very dissapointed cause the sex is generic and the chick isn't really hot. There's hardly any sex scenes because this movie wanted to be a serious story about how money objectifies people. An attempt at a Marxist horror/porn/drama film? Hah, funny. I spent $20 on this movie though, shoulda been cheaper due to how this movie just felt like some idiots bickering in the same rooms the entire time. Personally I mildly enjoyed the inept filmamking and concept of the story as a whole but still felt the movie should have done more with the sex, violence, and plot. Okay film, but far from great.

Crude Dude's Verdict: Meh

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