Expensive Taste (1978)

A guy and his date go home to his place. Suddenly three masked goons armed with knives break in and force the guy and his date to do all kinds of sexual shit, to them and to each other. Lots of sucking, fucking, and abuse goes on between just about everyone present. These are some really perverted rapist fucks! Both the guy and his date have been victimized by a random act of violation from the looks of it. But nothing is what it seems. Turns out this is the guy's brilliant set-up to get a good fuck from his dates without having to beg or wait. What a sleazeball asshole, eh? The three masked goons are actually his friends and they do this whole routine with a bunch of unsuspecting chicks he dates. Him and his friends all manage to get laid when they pull this off. It's basically an orgy in disguise, leaving only one victim. Overall, a very interesting rape/crime porn film. The story becomes interesting when a cop is determined to figure out who the mysterious masked rapists are. The dialogue was good and mean-spirited. There's also some cool twists in the movie that I didn't even see coming! Just see them for yourself. Sure this is a rape film with guys armed with knives, but it's not really violent or graphic. Most of the violence is verbal abuse and just the cutting off of clothes. The rapes weren't that harsh. In fact they were erotic cause the chicks were still compliant to instructions, willing and looking somewhat eager to do perverted shit so their lives would be spared. It was easy to watch, compared to other movies with extreme rapes that make you cringe when the woman starts crying. I usually fast forward through sex scenes when they're too long but with this movie I was really capitavted by the sex the whole time. I think it must have been cause you're on the edge of your seat wanting to know what these mysterious masked-rapists do next. And also cause the woman in this movie was HOT. The first victimized chick had that innocent virgin appeal. Her twat looked sweet, wish I got a taste of it. The strange thing about this movie, which politically correct critics can contend "objectifies" women for sexual exploitation as they're violated, is that I believe it's directed by a "Joanna Williams", who I assume is a woman.

Crude Dude's Verdict: The context of the sex scenes are tasteless and morally bankrupt but feels okay to find erotic due to the style of the filmmaking and hot willing performances. Not that many pornos can pull that off. An entertaining sleazefest that got me jerking off a couple times.

~ joseangeles AT muchomail.com

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