Little Orphan Dusty (1978)

Within a couple minutes of the movie playing, Dusty, an innocent naive blonde hitchiking in the middle of nowhere, is getting chased and eventually raped by a sleazy biker gang. They hold her down to a bike, tear her clothes off with a knife, and get her to suck and take in cock. Gangbang rape ensues. There happens to be a really hot biker chick too. She gives a long fisting to Dusty's snatch. When the bikers are done with little Dusty, they just leave her naked and abused body out in the wild and flee. She later gets discovered by some artist that lives right by. He lets her live with him and an offbeat love story develops. The movie ultimatley is more of an unconventional romantic drama than an ultra violent biker sleazefest since their relationship hogs the entire story (with stetched out sex scenes mostly). Prior to watching this movie I heard it was a nasty rape/revenge film, but it's actually sweet and easy going. The whole revenge aspect got sidetracked by the sex until the very end and the "revenge" wasn't planned (it was more like self defense) so I don't even call it a rape/revenge film as other people have called it. During the rapes I felt no tension, it was as if Dusty enjoyed it but suppressed herself. We even later see Dusty fist herself in the same fashion the biker chick did to her, as if trying to re-live the rape. Not sure if there was some intention to hint to repressed sexuality by the directors (a Hispanic guy and an Asian guy), but either way the rapes are politically incorrect, appearing to be erotic as if trying to arouse the audience with forced sex fantasies (would make a feminist's head explode). Throughout the movie there are occassions where the biker gang pops up suddenly at inappropriate times like stereotypical bullies in a cartoon. They harass Dusty and her lover a lot and Dusty manages to get raped again. Things change when she has a gun and is getting married. It's a really simple movie, just about two people with a turbulent yet loving relationship getting annoyed by bikers, some light comedy thrown in, especially at the end. A decent addition to a classic hardcore sleaze collection but definitley not the holy grail.

Crude Dude's Verdict: Sometimes rough, but mostly a sweet heart-melting love story with some light humor. Eh, it's okay. The biker fisting scene was RAD!

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